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Are you losing clients and revenue due to being overwhelmed 

or disorganized? 

Hi! I’m Deeann Harper, and I’m obsessed with helping virtual business owners make sense of their business to allow them to increase their revenues, scale their business or just take a day off.


I believe in the three “S’s” of virtual business management: Simplifying, Systematizing, and Standardizing. There are countless aspects that contribute to a successful virtual business, and nobody can do everything alone. From building a great team, putting the right tech tools in place, staying organized, and ultimately, growing your business in the right direction, keeping up can seem impossible.


That’s where I come in!

When you choose to work with me you choose to soften your administrative burden and focus on results-driven management and operations.

As an experienced Virtual Business Support Specialist, I’ll take the reins of your projects and events, contracts, SOP creation, administration, and beyond. I am passionate about conquering chaos by implementing processes and procedures - so that you can put your focus, where it belongs, growing your virtual business! 


With the right employees or contractors, tech tools, and systems in place you can free up your precious time and enjoy your business (or vacation time) again.


Fill out the form here today to see if we’re a good match. A quick 30-minute complimentary call will help us find out! I look forward to chatting with you soon.

What I can do for your business



 - Work with you to determine the needs of the business  


- Recruit & manage your employees and/or contractors

- Ongoing management of virtual team 

- Implement and train team on tools needed for a virtual business including project management platform, file sharing, and CRM


 - Work with you to develop a systems strategy and ensure a timely implementation

- Project Management platform implementation and training


- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) audit, creation and implementation 

- Tech tools implementation and training  

- Create a smooth client on-boarding process

- Budget development



 - Logistical support for speakers and guests 

- Venue search & selection


- Travel logistics & planning 

- Menu planning  

 - Create and manage registration system

Day to Day Management

 - Schedule and manage

client appointments

 - Travel Planning 

 - Website maintenance

- Schedule social media posts & reply to inquiries

- Order supplies, equipment and business gifts

A Few of my Favorite Things!

What I can do for your podcast

Podcast Production

 - Edit podcast 


- Add intro, outro, and

music to podcast 

- Create Audiogram to share podcast on social media

and website 

- Create podcast transcripts and show notes 

- Publish episodes via

Libsyn to appear on

all major platforms

Marketing & Social Media  

 - Create and manage presence on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter and LinkedIn

- Create and distribute newsletter for subscribers


- Update website/blog  



 - Logistical support for speakers and guests 

- Venue search & selection


- Travel logistics & planning 

- Publicizing to listeners   

Project Management

 - Guest outreach and scheduling

 - Sponsorship outreach 

 - Create and maintain recording schedule

and task lists 

- Team Management

Natasha H. 

Deeann's research skills saved me a ton of time and effort. She is professional, organized, quick to respond to messages, and produces top-notch work. I would not hesitate to hire her again, highly recommended! Thank you so much!

Fran H. 

Deeann is very professional! Her attention to detail is wonderful. She was so great to work with and I look forward to working with her again! 

Dani C. 

Deeann is awesome! She communicates well, adheres to deadlines, and is a great asset to our team. I highly recommend!

Denise B. 

Deeann is an amazing and comforting help to me!

Have a question? Contact me!

I am here to assist you with any questions you may have on how to bring your

company into the "virtual world". 

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